Wills & Powers of Attorney

Johnson County Texas AttorneyPlanning for the future is essential to ensure that your wishes are respected and followed, especially in regards to healthcare and financial decisions. Designating a trusted individual to make these decisions on your behalf in the case of your incapacity is essential to protecting your best interests. Attorney Lisa M. Powell can help you to understand the importance of assigning a power of attorney in your estate plan.

Wills, Medical Powers of Attorney, General Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills, (Directives to Physicians), are  drafted for clients. All persons of legal age should have a will, and Attorney Lisa M. Powell will work with you to make sure your wishes and desires are made clear, and are legally binding. While most people recognize the need for wills, it is often a difficult thing to get started.

Powers of attorney can also be highly stressful for all involved, as loved ones become ill, or other situations arise that call for this need. There are many decisions to be made.  Attorney Lisa M. Powell will help you through the process, and ensure that all of your wishes are conveyed with clarity and precision, while extending her knowledge and service to you with compassion.

Attorney Lisa M. Powell serves will and power of attorney clients from all of Johnson County, Texas cities including Cleburne, Burleson, Alvarado, Grandview, Godley, Joshua, Rio Vista, Keene, and Cross Timber.

Designate a Power of Attorney

Designating someone as having power of attorney gives them control over either all of your decisions, some narrowly defined decision, or a specific set of decisions. A general power of attorney gives a trustee total decision making power, where a special power of attorney designates power of attorney to accomplish some specific purpose. You need a good lawyer to make sure that your Power of Attorney is comprehensive and fits your needs exactly. Attorney Lisa M. Powell is a lawyer based in Cleburne, Texas and provides legal services to residents of Johnson County.

Medical Power of Attorney

You will need to establish what type of an event will allow the trustee to assume the responsibility of making medical decisions on your behalf.  There are two basic types.  One type requires certain events (that you designate) to happen before the power of attorney becomes effective.  The other type of power of attorney is effective immediately and does not require proof of incapacity or any other condition.

General Power of Attorney

A general power of attorney allows your designee to conduct business on your behalf.  You make the decision as to how much power to give, and what types of transactions your attorney-in-fact will be permitted to make for you.  When you are no longer able to take care of financial matters, having a power of attorney in place is essential, and will help give you peace of mind.   

Cleburne, Texas Lawyer

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